At the end of May 2014 we bought Natasha, (a heritage breed purebred Berkshire) and Boris, (a Duroc/Berkshire cross) as breeder stock.  They’ve both grown considerably since the time of the picture below and have since produced a litter of eight piglets.

Natasha [Berkshire] & Boris [Duroc/Berkshire Cross]

Natasha [Berkshire] & Boris [Duroc/Berkshire Cross]

Boris, Natasha, and their piglets are all pastured.  Since this is the case, they will be allowed to root for their food and will be supplemented with Amy’s feed ration mix.  Most production hogs take approximately six months from farrowing to slaughter – our hogs will take longer because of two main reasons:

1. They are not given feed as their sole source of nutrition to gain weight, rather they are left for forage as they would naturally and only supplemented with grains.

2. Customary slaughter weight (live weight) is between 200 – 250 pounds.  We will target a live weight of 300 pounds to allow for good marbling.

We hope to farrow Natasha two times a year allowing for pork to be available in both the fall and the spring.  If you have any questions or are interested in reserving a whole, half, or specific cuts contact us.


Natasha - Spring 2015

Natasha – Spring 2015