Organic Feed

We’ve found that the cost of Organic Chicken Feed is too expensive to qualify as truly sustainable.  The most logical & sensible means of offsetting this necessary cost of raising animals is to grow your own feed.  Often times this is not a practical option for small farms or hobby farmers because of space limitations.  This is the case for us so one solutions that we have found that works well is to mix our own feed.  This has proven to be more labor intensive but in the end a less expensive way to feed our animals (our livelihood) and we have ultimate control of what our animals eat.

In our search for a truly clean feed, we decided that mixing our own feed gives us peace of mind that our chickens are getting not only real food, but we know exactly what’s in it. Chickens tend to not eat the vitamin and mineral powders that you’ll find in store bought feeds. These powders often are wasted and end up at the bottom of the feeder or on the ground. Instead, we use kelp. The grains and seeds we mix into our feed gives them variety, instead of just a few types offered in store bought feeds. This variety also incorporates a broad range of whole food nutrients that can’t be found in just one or two grains. Also, the grains and seeds we use are whole, which means they have not lost nutrients sitting on a shelf, as grains do once they’ve been cracked. Our feed contains the following non-GMO/non-certified organic ingredients totaling 16.2% protein (normal range for laying hens): Winter Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye, Corn, Millet, Milo, Sunflower Seeds, Flax, Kelp, Oyster Shell and Sunflower Oil to prevent the powdery mess and in turn, holds the kelp onto the grains so the chickens are sure to eat it.

Our grains for our Chick Starter is broken open so the chicks can get it down the hatch. The mix has all the ingredients listed above, minus the oyster shell. Chicks shouldn’t eat that as their source of calcium because it can potentially kill them….and no one wants that!

Amy’s Mix for Chickens is a balanced versatile feed mix that can be used to fulfill the complete spectrum of nutritional requirements of your backyard chickens or supplement the needs of your ranged/pastured chickens.

We have 25lb bags for sale for $15 and 50lb bags for $30.

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