About Us

DeHart Organics is the fulfillment of our dream to start a small family farm that produces good natural food for our family.  The farm provides us a way to know what we consume by putting the responsibility of where our food comes from directly in our control.

Our goal is to raise healthy, happy, animals that are allowed to freely graze, pasture, and forage while they are alive.  Our milking goats are fed a mix of quality alfalfa hay, sprouted grains, and our own goat feed mix made from non-GMO, certified and non-certified organic grains.  Our chickens are fed our own chicken feed mix that is a mix of non-GMO, certified and non-certified organic grains and seeds.  Having a small family farm gives us a lot of flexibility to explore innovative ways to keep feed costs reasonable without sacrificing quality.  In 2014, we will be adding two more varieties of chickens, turkeys, and possibly a couple Heirloom hogs.

Over the years, as we’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we’ve realized that south Chicago thru the south suburbs and even into Northwest Indiana lacks economical and convenient ways to buy natural food locally.  …finding organic meat, dairy, and produce is next to impossible.  We want to grow our farm to be able to meet the needs of other local individuals and families that desire the same access to good food that we want.  That said, we have no intention to grow into a big corporation – that would take the fun out of what we do.  But as a consequence of remaining small, we realize we may not be able to meet everyone’s needs or wants in the local area.  Our hope is that we can provide local, organic, pastured meat, dairy, and vegetables to as many like-minded individuals and families as is sustainable.

Takashi & Amy DeHart